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One Presidential Mortgage Logo

Bill Lane

Leadership Team

NMLS 607864

'ONE' represents our Magnum Opus, the culmination of our lifelong and career-long commitments to our craft, our communities, our clients, and our personal growth, both individually and as a family and culture. It is the embodiment of our collective body of work—ONE.

The vision of ONE extends beyond the mere 'business' of mortgage financing. In an industry increasingly marked by detachment and impersonality, we have crafted a model centered around the RELATIONSHIP of lending—a model that prioritizes the client, the referral partner, and all parties involved in the transaction. We place immense value on communication and personal connection, recognizing their significance in fostering meaningful relationships.

ONE takes immense pride in seizing every opportunity to partner with and support our communities, as well as the charitable organizations that selflessly give so much to so many.

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